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the best time is now

“the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the next best time is now.” (Chinese saying) this project is for SHS Publishing, a new publishing venture specialising in art, contemporary culture, graphic design, and music, located in rome, italy. as the publisher notes the project titled GrAphorisms aims to let typography do the talking, to showcase the expressive potential of typography, of the letters themselves, in an elegant, unadorned format. and!/SHSpublishing
Exhibition of the work in Barcelona here:

the aphorism I chose is a manifesto against hesitation, it urges one to take action now as opposed to waver, to live in the present, to appreciate now. for the designs above I enlarged the word “now” as well as the words “the best time” and elongated one quarter of the "w" to draw attention to the serif fonts (georgia) decorative detail. 

for the designs above i approached the aphorism from a purely formal point of view.  the chinese saying contains as many as six words beginning with the letter “t”, and repeats the word “time” twice.  i arranged these words around one single enlarged “t” which grows from the word "now"; the rest of the sentence hangs off the "t" like leaves on a twig. this time I used a sans serif font as the font itself became a tool to draw a paired-down minimal tree.

002. Logo for KÉK= Kortárs Építészeti Központ CAC=Contemporary Architecture Center, hungary. the logo is a simple line drawing of the most basic and economic concrete mixer available on the hungarian market. 

for me, the object is laiden heavily with childhood memories of the so called self-built projects where clients simply do not have enough resources to employ an architect or a contractor. they do it themselves. my own family home was built in this fashion. dad employed a bricklayer, learnt the trade, then sent the brick-layer away, did it himself. then he employed a carpenter, learnt the trade from him, sent him away then did it himself. then he employed a plumber…until one day, four and a half years later a large house stood in the former apple orchid. he had friends and family, most importantly an agile grandfather helping him. most hungarian domestic architecture from the sixties till the nineties was built in this fashion whilst professional architects were forced to enter state owned and controlled practices. from an aesthetic point of view, the resulting architecture varies from funny and slightly bizarre to the plain ugly.