all things made by hand

analogue model making, prototypes

001 plaster casts for a project titled the cabbies parlour.  the casts depict the negative space around the bulge found on London black cabs front doors, where the vehicle is the widest.  they were prototypes for a space, which tightly envelops the car

002 acrylic disc with stainless steel parts.  hand-made mechanical parts for an installation called immaterial machine. stainless steel and brass clogs cut on the lathe and welded from raw steel plates and solid brass

003 2mx 2m painted MDF, acrylic, balsawood & solid oak model of a floating family home design in Hampstead Heath.  the piece is a relief of the project in a sense that some parts of the design are drawn on, some are built in three dimensions

004 mobile units on the above model illustrated on an inverted photograph

005 close-up of floating unit carved from solid oak with etched acrylic roof 

006 close-up of plaster & balsawood piece

007 lost wax casting a floating concrete slab

all rights reserved. all images and words © eva baranyai, 2011